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VFD customer display



1. High brightness vacuum fluorescent display for excellent visibility
2. Adequately sized characters for easy viewing (9.0mm x 5.25mm)
3. 40 characters in 20 columns by 2 lines format
4. Supports a wide variety of languages with code pages
5. RS232 interface or USB interface for data communication
6. Power can be sourced from USB port (DC5V), no need external adapter
7. Easy installation and prog

Model No. VFD18-R VFD18-U
Display method Vacuum fluorescent display ( VFD )
Brightness 700cd/mΒ²
Display color Blue / Green
Characters 40 characters (20 columns x 2 lines)
Character font 5×7
Character size 9.03mm x 5.25mm ( H*W )
Character type 96 alphanumeric, 13 kinds of international character sett
Power supply DC12V 2A DC5V 1A
Power consumption 2.5W
Interface RS232 Serial USB 2.0
Baud rate 2400/9600BPS
Command set ESC/POS/CD5220/UTC
OPOS system Epson OPOS
Operating system Windows / Android / IOS
MTBF 30000H
Viewing angle 360ΒΊ
Total height 210mm to 450mm
Panel dimension 224x85x45mm (WxHxD)
Support height 120mmx2
Base dimension 220x107mm
Weight 0.9kg
Color Black / White
Working temperature & Humidity -30℃ – 50℃, 30% – 80%
Storage temperature & Humidity -40℃ – -60℃, 10%-90%


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